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P’LOVERS Headquarters

3059 Gottingen St.
St. Joseph Square, Hydrostone
Halifax, NS
B3K 0G5
(t) 902-422-6060
(f) 902-423-9107
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Customer service

Please email Shelby Lendrum at for more details about a specific product or for any other customer services inquiries.

Product for us to consider?

Wholesale catalogues/product lists, samples and wholesale pricing should be emailed to Shelby Lendrum for consideration. P’LOVERS sells through testimony only. Meaning that every product is tested before it is offered to customers. Also, please note, we require full disclosure of ingredients in any personal care, cleaning, or aromatherapy products.

Interested in a franchise?

Having more stores helps P’LOVERS honour its mission of having more people learn about products that will help us live more sensitively with the earth. In addition to providing a wide array of non-toxic, recycled, natural, organic, and re-used alternatives, P’LOVERS works to encourage sustainable growth in communities by making buying local a priority.

Franchises are suited and available for people who enjoy the idea of owning and operating their own community based business that is fun, fascinating while supporting artists and artisans that make the people and the planet their priority. Potential franchisees need to be people who are prepared to work hard, take initiative and really connect with their community.

This is a multi-step process that begins with communication via email.

We kindly ask that when you inquire for details about franchise opportunities, that you introduce yourself first. We are interested in your professional resume, your personal interests, your community connections, why you chose P’LOVERS, where you envision P’LOVERS and what your preferred timeline is.

All inquiries should be sent to Shelby Lendrum at

Employment Opportunities

Please drop your resume off, in person. We kindly ask for a cover letter describing what motivated you to apply, your Monday through Sunday availability, current contact information and up to date references.

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