Personal Care

P’LOVERS only offers items which are made from 100% natural materials. In the case of bedding & pillows, we are proud to offer only the highest quality product offering, keeping made in Canada our priority.

Organic cotton, bamboo, linen and wool are the most common fibers found in our bedding, towel and nightwear section.

Our made in Canada buckwheat pillows are a best seller, often recommended by doctors for people who are having sleeping difficulties due to neck/back pain, jaw/dental problems and allergies.

P’LOVERS is guided by the following criterion when consider new, and evaluating existing, personal care products: certified organic ingredients, scents from pure essential oils or fragrance-free, non-toxic, biodegradable, transparency of ingredients, responsible packaging, preservative and cruelty-free and last, but never least, locally made. These criteria are also considered when sourcing alternatives for our furry friends as well.

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Preferred Brands

Dream Designs
Dr. Bronners
Kogi Naturals
Rocky Mountain Soap co.
Seafoam Lavender

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