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P’LOVERS’ non-toxic candles are made in Canada out of 100% pure beeswax or soy.

Besides burning clean, beeswax actually cleanses the air of toxins by emitting negative ions which, when joined with positive ions, create full molecules that are heavy and force dust, mold and other toxins to fall to the ground where they are less likely to irritate us.

When possible, P’LOVERS offers alternatives such as soy or vegetable wax candles that Vegans can feel comfortable burning. As these candles tend to be scented sythetically, P’LOVERS can only offer this product when essential oils are used to create the aroma.


P’lovers aims to provide alternatives, that are simply formulated, effective and safe, for both the user, their family and the environment.

P’LOVERS looks for cleaning products which are phosphate-free, chlorine-free, vegetable based, biodegradable, and made with ingredients that are fully disclosed. Natural loofah pot scrubbers and Mabu clothes made from wood fibers replace the need to use steel wool or plastic scrubbies.

Frames, mirrors & chalkboard

P’LOVERS is committed to sourcing alternatives for frames, mirrors and chalkboards made from reclaimed wood, FSC certified wood and other recycled materials such as wine barrels. Our frames are always handmade and when possible close to home.

Mindful Living

The act of reflecting on one’s life and the lives of others and on the surrounding world. This can be facilitated through reading an inspirational book, meditating on a Buddha board or simply sitting by a himalayan salt rock lamp or tealite.

It is clear to P’LOVERS that those who take time to be mindful of their lives are also mindful of the environment. Taking time to reflect gives one time, literally and figuratively, to stop and smell the roses.

Floor coverings

P’LOVERS offers rugs and mats made from natural jute or coir fibre, recycled fabric and even recycled rubber or reused lobster trap lines. Having these alternatives available encourages home owners to consider natural alternatives when installing floors during renovations or new construction.


P’LOVERS has baskets made from natural fibres, such as straw, seagrass and jute as well as items constructed out of reused materials such as plastic bags and old tires. These containers provide great alternatives to plastic and other toxic or non renewable resources. Baskets serve as multipurpose tools including organizing, storage, display or even as transporters (recycled rubber tire buckets).

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Preferred Cleaning Product Brands

Buncha Farmers
Down East
Dr. Bronners
Full Circle

Preferred Kitchen & Litterless Lunch Brands

Keep Leaf
Kid Conserv
Kleen Kanteen
Sanctus Mundo

Preferred Mindful Living Brands

Dalai Lama
Don Miguel Ruiz
Eckhart Tolle
Jon Kabat-Zinn
Lao Tzu
Pema Chodron
Rachel Carson
Thich Nhat Hanh

Preferred Floor Covering Brands

30 Fathom
Chene Sasseville

Preferred Storage Brands

Baskets of Africa
Malia Designs
Janet Baskets
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