The Benefits of Organic Foods

Organic foods are different due to the way agricultural products are grown and processed. In Canada, organic crops are grown without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, and bioengineered genes known as GMOs.

Organic meat and dairy products are also found throughout Canada and involve the livestock to be raised in living conditions with natural abilities such as grazing and being fed with organic feed. These animals may not be fed any antibiotics, growth hormones, or animal by-products. Here we look at the main benefits of consuming organic products.

Fewer Pesticides

Organic food products contain much fewer pesticides than those found in standard agricultural and manufactured foods. How food is grown can impact mental and emotional health as well as the safety and health of the environment. They have more nutritious benefits such as antioxidants and contain fewer allergic ingredients.

Organic food has proven to reduce allergic reactions to chemicals and preservatives and, in some cases, are cured fully when switching to organic foods.

Environmentally Friendly Production

The agriculture industry is known to use pesticides and harmful chemicals when growing crops. With organic farming, there are no harmful chemicals used with the farming methods. This helps the environment by reducing pollution, soil erosion, makes the soil more fertile, and conserves water. Organic farms are also known to reduce energy and electricity use.

No Harmful By-products Fed to Animals

Organically raised animals are not given antibiotics, by-products, or growth hormones which results in better and healthier meat. With standard feeding of by-products, animals can easily be infested with mad cow disease, and antibiotics can create resistant strains of bacteria.

Organically raised animals are also living in a better environment with larger grazing fields and healthier feeding. Meat and milk are usually richer in nutrients such as omega-3 acids of up to 50% more in organic meat and dairy products. All organic foods are GMO-free resulting in healthier benefits.

Organic farming and consumption of organic products are safer for human health and the environment.